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Short Stories (A-Z)


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All in a Day’s Work

All the Angles


Appearances Can Be Deceiving


At Peace on the Water

Bacatta: Where Old Meets New

Bad Business

The Best in Us

Beta Base

Between Worlds

Blue Collars and No Dollars

The Box

Brace Face

Break Out

Captain Lesley Butler

Carbon Copy Defects


A Cataclysmic Event


Cheap Imitations

Christmas in the Sprawl

Cold Moon

Cosmic Dues

Crazy or Brilliant?



Dead Men

Desert Man

Diesel Harper

Digital Tsunami

Doomed Somnambulist

Duel at High Noon


Eternal Optimists

The Exiled One


Fabulous Honeymoon

The Fee

The Ferryman

The Flash

For Family

Forgetting The Moral

From The Sidelines


The God Damned Human Element

Good Show

Goodbye World

The Governors of the Universe

The Grand Oops

The Great Sphere

Greed v. Need

Happy Holidays, Welcome to Hell!

Her Hidden Power

A Hero

His (Its?) Image


Horizon of Pastels

How Typical

The Hub of the Wheel


I Remember…


In Its Absence

Indifferent Reactions


The Islands

A Job to Do

Just Another Day

L. Mactans

Lake Morton

The Legend

Little Warrior

To Live


A Lost Cause?

Louis: PhD, MD, Custodial Artist

Make it Worth it


A Measure of Compassion

The Meek Shall Inherit

Mistakes Unchanged

Modern Day Trojan Horse

Monster or Saint?

The Murder of an Angel

Never Ends There

Never Greener

Never the Same Again

A New Age Begins

A New Enemy

New Roommate

No Choice in the Matter

No Irony

Not a Bad Day

Nothing Better to Do

Ode To Shadows

One Glaring Flaw

One Last Job

One May Change Everything

One of a Kind

Our Benevolent Friend

The Plague

The Plain and The Pretty


The Power

Preparing for the Hunt

Preserving Society

The Princess and the Brain Hack

The Program

The Proverbial Hand-Grenade

The Purist’s Sins

Rat King

Red 5, Standing By

Reel-Gun Blues



Ritual For The Bereaved

Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle

Sample One-Nine-Nine

Schokolade Mit Liebe

The Secret Keeper

She Ran


Someone Else’s Heaven

Space Rock




Stronger Without Them

Tearing Down the Wall

Then What?

These Damn Games

Think Deeply

Thousands and Thousands of Steps

To Strengthen One Another

Too Real

A Tragedy


The True Patriot

Twelve Hours


The Waltz

The Well

What Once Was, Is No More

The Worst in Us

The Wound Thus Healed


Wrath of a Universe

You’re on!

Serials/Novellas (By Release)

Band Of The Red (7/31/15-9/11/15)

Krubera  (9/25/15-11/6/15)

The Pod (11/20/15-1/1/16)

Rehab (1/15/16-3/4/16)

The Collective (3/18/16-5/20/16)

The Nexus Project (6/3/16-8/19/16)

Hot Iron (9/2/16-10/20/16)

Hijack (11/4/16-1/13/17)

Into Her Darkness (1/27/17-4/7/17)

Energy and Matter(4/21/17-8/12/17)

Back in Sol Again(8/25/17-1/5/18)

Poems (A-Z)

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200 and Counting

About The Future…

Ain’t Life Grand ?

The All Knowing

All Will Fade To Black

And I’ve Gone Blind


As An Old Friend

As Waters Rise

The Ball for Society

Best When Lived Right

Black Mass


Burdened Shoulders

But a Whisper

The Choice

Coast to Coast

Collectively Blessed


Come in, come in

The Cosmic Re-Balance

The Cracking Spade

The Daring and Bold

Dead Seasons

A Debt To Repay


The Devil You Know


Don’t Go

Due Alas

Duty and Honor’s Calls

The Elder Three

Encompassed in Rain

Endless Circle

To Endure

Ensouls the Wraith

Entertain The Dead


Ever Surging

Fade In

A Feast of Life

Fertile Mind, Poor Design


Final Breath

The Final Sigh

Finding The Sea Pts. 1-7


For Me, For You

For The Writers



Give Freely

Go Have A…

The Grave

Ground State

Harsh Reality

Heart of Wits

Honor’s Task

Hope-Fueled Treason

A Horizon Ruined

Human Virology

Illusions, Delusions

Illustrate, Alliterate


In A Dream

In Closing

In Place of Dreams

Infinite Shore

Into You I Fall

It Starts With You

Judging Independence

Just Be It Soon

Keep It Well-Versed

Keep On My Way

Kingdom of the Animal Song

L.C.D. Calamity

Last Page Requiem

Let Go

Life’s Unending Quest


Losing the Moon

Love’s Advocacy


Madness That’s Broke

Merely Human



Mote of Dust

Mother, Mother Earth

A Mourning Dove

Mr. Fizzie’s House of Tizzies

My Box

Named Her…

Need That I Mention

A Neutral Hue

A New World Emerges

Now Uncouth

Of That Which I Speak

On Death We Dine

On The Prow

One Ugly Goat

Only One Wish

Or Be You Now…

Our Revolution Begins

Our Rise

The Outcast

Possible Realities

Random Chance

Reflections in Stone

Religion, Religion



Shadows to Run

The Shelter

To Show


Sobriety’s Uncouth

Sold our Soul for Oil

Slave State

The Species Human


Steel and Blood and Bone

Still Sleep

Stitch up the Seams


Suicide or Murder?

Take My Hand

Tech Feelers

A Terrible Thing to Waste

Their Master The Pen

To Your Ship and Yourself

To Rhythm and Blues

We and the Feeble

We Are All Mutants

We’ll Rise as One

We Rule the Night

We’ve Had Words

White Wolf, White Wolf

What Happened to Stories

What You Are

Wisely Depraved

The Writer

You Died!

Your life


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